Here’s a Business Networking organisation that’s a little different.

“As you can imagine I have been to thousands of networking meetings, but I can honestly say your group is perhaps the most pacy, energised meeting I’ve been to online.”
Paul Clegg, Marketing Crew

Business Focus Networking is run by its members for its members. Of course, you’re welcome to join us wherever you live and work, just book on and see how we’ve taken what’s best in online networking and binned the rest.

NO membership fee
NO punitive rules about having only one person per profession
NO dull and repetitive script
NO issues if you need to miss a meeting
NO fun fine system
NO rules about not promoting what you do – we just ask that it’s interesting and of value to the group
Unique business focus – a 30-minute forum assisting one member get more business*
NO problem if you can’t make one of the meetings you’ve paid for. Send a friend or colleague to stand in for you*. They can talk about their business too. All we ask is that if you can’t attend please let us know.
NO big egos

*Sign up for 6 or 12 months of meetings and you can send a representative along to talk about your business if you can’t make the meeting.