We’re proud of what we’ve set up and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Oh, and you might even pick up some business and make a new contact or two!

Bath Business Focus is run by Nick Sladek, Julie Hartell and Rachel Woods, oh and our roving head-honcho Tim Fussell who just can’t keep away!

Nick – “I love what we’ve set up – it feels like a genuinely caring, collaborative and business-savvy space.”

Julie – “What we’ve created here is an amazing online space that connects people with people, people with ideas, people with opportunities and people with genuine help and support. And I love it.”

Rachel – “I’m so proud of this group, it’s professional, supportive, impactful and inspiring. It also delivers a huge dose of fun, good humour and camaraderie whether you are a frequent flyer or a first-timer.”

Tim – “WOW, what a truly different place Business Focus Networking is! The Zoom platform may be the same, but no other networking group comes close to the sublime mixture of professionalism, business and fun that BFN offers!”


PS If you want to take advantage of one of our super helpful Business Focus sessions or you’d like someone to stand in for you in your absence, you’ll need to have paid for either 6 months worth of meetings (£95, or approx. £3.27 per meeting) or 12 months worth of meetings (£150, or £2.88 per meeting).

Meeting every Friday 8am-10am
via Zoom

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May 28th: Martin Kerslake - 'Life Always Gets In The Way'
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