Swindon & The Cotswolds Business Focus is run by Mike Land, Danielle Brown, Rachel Woods and not forgetting our head-honcho Mr Tim ‘Rapeseed Oil’ Fussell.

Remember that old saying: It’s not what you know, but who you know.  Well, we (the team at BFN) know that the key to unlocking your business connections… is networking.


Mike – “I must admit the change from face-to-face meetings to zoom calls was a challenge, but now I wouldn’t miss it… it is firmly etched in my diary, and I can’t help inviting people along.  The meetings have been great as a morale booster, keeping me focussed and getting me in front of potential clients.  Networking is so important at the moment and the support from this group is amazing.  With such a diverse group of businesses, it is almost like being part of a large corporation.”

And we’re getting some great feedback –
“Just a very quick message to thank everyone on the call this morning for such a warm and receptive welcome and for the kind comments in the chat room.  I’ve already connected with two or three people on LinkedIn – always good to stay in touch.  As you can imagine I have been to thousands of networking meetings but I can honestly say your group has perhaps the most pacy, energised meetings I’ve been to online.  Imagine when you finally get to meet face to face and you discover how much taller everyone is.”
To contact the Swindon team please email swindon@businessfocusnetworking.co.uk.

Meeting every other Tuesday 8am to 10am via Zoom

September 21st Now available for booking Sold Out
September 21st: Speaker Dawn Rogers - It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it
October 5th Now available for booking Book
October 5th: Speaker Maria Newman - 12 things I learnt during the first 12 months as a business owner
October 19th Now available for booking Book
October 19th: Speaker Jill Chitty - TBC
November 2nd Now available for booking Book
November 2nd: Speaker Christopher Ross - Getting **it done
November 16th Now available for booking Book
November 16th: Speaker Jamie McAnsh - TBC
November 30th Now available for booking Book
December 14th Now available for booking Book


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