Why not join us at the Swindon & The Cotswolds Business Focus?

We meet virtually every other Tuesday between 8am and 10am. The meeting includes up to three focussed chats with other individual attendees and a ‘business spotlight’ session where one business owner gets to share far more detail about their business and their ideal clients. 

The group is run by journalist & media consultant Fiona Scott who has been working in the media for over 30 years and has run her own business, Scott Media, since 2008. Fiona is well known across the South West as a local freelance journalist and also for promoting her PR clients far and wide. Supporting her in this group is VA Hannah Edwards of Empowered VA Services who handles much of the admin related to this group.

Fiona said: “This group is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to networking. It’s full of energy, new ideas, mutual support and the opportunity to get to know each other and do business with each other. We are serious with a hint of fun and a smattering of silliness.”

Hannah said: “What I love about this group is the chance to meet new business owners and strengthen my relationships with anyone I already know. The ability to network intelligently online appeals to me and the group is vibrant with a little structure to ensure everyone gets heard and seen.”


Meeting every other Tuesday 8am to 10am via Zoom

February 9th   Full
February 9th: Speaker Taz Thornton - "How To Rock At Life"
February 23rd Now available for booking Full
February 23rd: Speaker Christine Roberts - "Being Different – is it good or bad?"
March 9th Now available for booking Book
March 9th: Speaker Danny Matthews - "The illusion of happiness"
March 23rd Now available for booking Book
March 23rd: Speaker Caroline Peyton - "Being a detective to live your best life"
April 6th Now available for booking Book
April 6th: Speaker Brett King
April 20th Now available for booking Book
April 20th: Speaker Jamie McAnsh - "The Future Begins Today - We Are The Future"
May 4th Now available for booking Book
May 4th: Speaker Chris Briggs - "The force is strong with this one..."
May 18th Now available for booking Book
May 18th: Speaker Andrew Davies - "How did I get here?"
June 1st Now available for booking Book
June 1st: Speaker Jamie Martin - "How to Build Rapport in the Modern Business Environment"


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